The best way to remove blackheads

Before you read on, I suggest that you read the proven and easy 5-step method on how to get rid of blackheads on nose, if you haven't already. This is step three of the process, one which can easily integrate into your beauty care regimen.

best way to remove blackheads

So you have Opened up the pores on your face and applied a mask to remove the impurities on the outside and bring out the Blackheads.
Now, the next logical step is to use a preferred method to extract the Blackheads themselves.

Coming to Blackhead extraction methods, there are many options available to you, and new products are being introduced in the market every day. But most, if not all, of them fall under the following categories.

Read on and choose what you think would be for you, the best way to remove blackheads.

1. Pore Strips

Pore strips are kind of a household  name to people suffering from Blackheads.
Pore strips are really effective, in that they succeed in extracting almost all of the gunk deposited under your skin in just one application.

Biore strips are the most popular of these, and they are really simple to use too :

Just stick the biore strip onto your nose (after cleaning and opening up the pores), wait for about 10 minutes, then just pull away the strip from your nose in one swift, gentle motion. The strip should take away with it the gunk that once filled your pores.

What's more, Biore has strips especially designed for blackheads on the nose. An absolute essential to your skincare routine if you are suffering from Nose Blackheads!

how to get blackheads out biore strips

If Biore Strips are not working for you, then probably you are not doing it the right way. Try steaming/warming your face first and opening the pores, and then applying the strips.

Read more about Biore Strips : How to get Blackheads out using Biore Pore Strips.

2. Blackhead Removal Tool

At home blackhead remover
Don't be intimidated by the picture, these are really simple (and safe) to use, provided, you buy from a trusted source!

Blackhead Removers are generally hook shaped tools that you can use to manually pull out the blackheads yourself without harming your skin.
There are a lot of different varieties available in the market. For example, the one in the picture above has two different openings for different sized blackheads.

Using one is very easy. They all come with instructions, so, don't worry, you will live.

When shopping for a good blackhead remover, just make sure you get one that is made of pure stainless steel, is easily sanitizable, and preferrably, with good customer reviews.

Read more about blackhead remover tools : At home blackhead Remover

3. Scrubs

nose blackhead removing scrub
 The third most popular choice by consumers is the line of Blackhead Removing Scrubs from different companies. Almost all major cosmetic manufacturers have products in this segment, so you will have a hard time choosing. I would go with Clean&Clear or Olay, since they seem to have the best reviews among the user base.

Blackhead Removal Scrubs come recommended for daily use. I don't see why not.
Most of these products come with exfoliants and Salicylic Acid, so, all the more reason to include them into your daily skincare regime!

Also, scrubs are easier to apply on hard to reach areas, compared to the other methods, such as blackheads in ears. This is an added advantage.

These are the most popular methods, but it is upto you to find out the one that works for you, and which will be for you

the best way to remove blackheads

Some other obscure methods too exist, but it is beyond our scope to list them all here. Besides, most people find great results just by using Pore Strips!
So which is the best way to remove blackheads on nose? Choose the one that suits your requirement and convenience the most.

So now you have extracted the blackhead from its source, the job is done, right? not.

To keep your skin from forming blackheads again in the immediate future, we have to close the pores we once opened to get the gunk out.

How is this done? See the Whole Process outlined here : How to get rid of blackheads on nose


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  1. I have heard about both, blackhead remover and other face wash and cream. I also use some cream and face wash but i want to know which is the best way to get rid of blackheads. Thanks to share this post.